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  • From: Brian Carroll <bric@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 18:13:40 +0100

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> ... If you'd like to see if my efforts measure up, then point
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> When an Artworks document has input focus, the new ruler
> should appear just  above the horizontal scrollbar. You can
> drag the ruler around by using the title bar (on the left-hand
> side) or clicking and dragging anywhere on the ruler.

This is a handy accessory which would be very useful on some
occasions.  I think it should scale with screen scaling, ie a
10cm length should always show 10cm on the ruler.

Have you seen !DrawRule by Marcus Ellenby from 1992[1] which is
just a pair of rulers as ordinary Draw objects.  Occasionally
useful but it's very unsophisticated because it is too easy to
accidentally displace one of the handles.


[1] Emailed to you.


Brian Carroll, Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK  bric at f2s dot com

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