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  • Date: Fri, 05 May 2006 16:19:39 +0100

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>> Can we have one that ends in an open circle please?
>>  i.e.   o----------o
> Thanks for reminding me. Sounds like a good idea. You got it. ;-)
> I will probably do a new filled circle arrowhead, too. The "blob"
> arrowhead that we have is very ugly - it is not a proper circle.

Even better:-)
> With both the filled and unfilled circles, there remains one question,
> however: Where exactly should they be positioned with respect to the
> line anchor point? It is clear for the old non-integrated arrows - the
> arrowhead starts at the line end, i.e., where the anchor point is. In
> the integrated case, the tip of the arrow is placed on the anchor
> point, but what exactly is the tip of such an arrow? One could argue
> that it is the centre of the blob or the open circle. This would allow
> you to position the centre using the anchor point, which is useful if
> you want to use the filled circle arrowhead to label something.
> Similarly, if you use the open circle arrowhead to denote an open
> interval in a graph, then you will want to position the centre of the
> circle. So, I think this is how it should work.

As I want to use the 'o' arrow(!) as the end of a mathematical number 
line then the anchor point would probably best as the centre of the 
circle. I can then do two clicks to form a line and have the marks 
correctly positioned. Using the grid it would then be easy to add 
further marks at equal intervals.

It would also be nice to have an 'arrow' that can be used to define a 
length on a drawing, rather like some of the CAD programs that are 

Something like:



Lining up for a good release.

Best Regards

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