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  • Date: Sat, 06 May 2006 01:37:24 +0200

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>> Yes, why not? With the changes I have just made it is so easy to add
>> new arrowheads - somehow I feel I cannot stop. ;-)
> Is there any way for users to add new arrowheads, or do they have to be
> compiled into AW?

If you read the beginning of this thread, I wrote: "In the medium term 
I would like to add user-defined arrowheads, which should not be too 
difficult, but it will not make it into 2.6." So, yes, at the moment, 
they have to be compiled into AW (and AWRender, but the arrowhead 
definitions are shared now, so AWRender is updated automatically when 
I add an arrow to ArtWorks).

> It would be pretty neat to have a 'library' of arrowheads that can be defined
> as per user requirements, but probably pretty hard to implement.

Not at all - it is relatively easy. If I had one more week before the 
show, it would have made it into 2.6, but I really want to release the 
new version at the show, so it will have to wait for the 2.7 release.

> I suspect at the very minimum it would need a file format extension to
> allow the custom arrowheads to be stored with the file.

Not at all. The ArtWorks file format is very extensible and it even 
has got all the required infrastructure already. I have done it almost 
ten years ago. You even have the tool to define the arrowheads - it is 
the pattern manager tool. Currently, it is used to define fill 
patterns, but what is a fill pattern? Just a shape plus an origin. An 
arrowhead is just a shape plus an origin, too. In theory, the 
arrowhead dialogue box could simply show you all the defined fill 
pattern shapes and offer them as arrowheads. However, since there are 
probably little commonalities between fill patterns and arrowheads it 
is probably better to have the shapes meant to be used for arrowheads 
stored separately to avoid confusion.

> I'd like to second the request for the "measurement" arrowheads, i.e.:
>    \ |
> ---->|
>    / |

Yes, done already. With a filled triangle, that is. I can do one with 
an open arrow, too.

> and
>      |
> -----|
>      |

Yes, no problem.

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