Re: [artworks] Menu Bug (2.74)?

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  • Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 18:11:57 +0200

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>>> I've just found something that doesn't seem right.

> [snip]

>> Yes, this bug is present in all versions of ArtWorks 2 and it has been
>> known since 2003. It is harmless, so fixing it has a very low  priority.

> Fair enough.  I'd not seen it before, and couldn't find a mention of it
> anywhere, so I wondered if it was recent.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find out whether a bug has been 
reported and/or whether it is known already. If the bug can be 
reproduced it is best to report it to my personally. There is an 
online bug list in the support area but it is seriously outdated 
(latest entry is dated May 2005) and it only lists relevant bugs, 
i.e., bugs that users might possibly want to know about in advance and 
that can be described at user level, so this one, which is actually 
bug #77 in the internal list, is not listed anyway. The full internal 
list comprises 274 entries at the moment, of which 108 are still open 
(but most of them are minor ones).

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