Re: [artworks] Menu Bug (2.74)?

  • From: Clive Bonsall <C.Bonsall@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 18:53:18 +0100

Evan Clark wrote:
In article <812184f74e.steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Steve Fryatt <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've just found something that doesn't seem right.

ArtWorks 2.74, on RISC OS 5.13.  Load the application on to the iconbar,
then open a new document.  Click menu, and it is possible to access all
the submenus.  Now go to File->Export->Draw and slide into the dialogue
box.  Return the mouse to the menu, and go back to the main menu level
allowing the File submenu to close.  Now try to access any of the
sub-menus from Objects down, and the error "Parent item index outside
parent menu" comes up.

Closing the menu and re-opening it clears the problem until the Export
Draw dialogue is opened again.

This is also present with ArtWorks 2.10, RISC OS 5.13, but there's

The same behaviour also occurs with File->Export->ArtWorks EPS

The same error is triggered earlier if the pointer returns to the main
ArtWorks 2 menu anywhere other than over the File menu item.

This is more or less the experience here, too ... AW 2.63 and VRPC-AdjustSA

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