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  • From: Gary Locock <gary@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 00:03:18 +0100

In article <4e384f2148smartgroups@xxxxxxxxx>,
   Tim Hill <smartgroups@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In article <4493521D.60309@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Tim King <tim@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Chris Terran wrote:
> > > So, a feature request: could the Layer control window have an option
> > > to be permanently on-screen, like the Colour Bar?

> > Or semi-permanent ie able to be 'pinned'. And multiple active
> > (selectable) layers - not all, just some?

> Underlying this is the reason why I (and I suspect many others) make
> infrequent use of layers. It can be a bit too clumsy, as has been said.

I agree with this.  In fact I've made a related UI request myself, for
buttons for save/saveas and print, to bring AW into line with the way most
other heavyweight packages present themselves to the user.  Menus and
shortcut keys are valuable in themselves, but by definition no use to a
novice user who might not suspect their presence.  However...

> I would like to make a request if control windows are added. Could they
> please be more the size of the very useful Button Bar, rather than the
> existing AW buttons? Screen real estate is always at a premium.

This IIRC was more or less Martin's reply, that Artworks's interface was (and
remains) designed to fit on a screen of about VGA size.  (When first
designed, this was an impressive screen size, but there cannot be many people
doing serious work in AW on a tiny screen like that today.)

More to the point, I think Martin also said that retro-fitting these features
into an app which still has so much written in assembler is a very difficult
thing to achieve, and the time it would take would be out of all proportion
to the benefits.  However I expect he'll be along soon to say if this is
still his view.

PS. A purely cosmetic interface improvement I'd very much like to see is for
AW's messages not to appear in system font. To me it really jars, and gives a
very downmarket look and feel when this hideous text appears on screen.  It
gives the impression that something has gone badly wrong with the program,
even when it hasn't.  But I would also agree that the proposed functional
improvements are higher priority.


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