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  • Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 17:51:09 +0100

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>           Nick Roberts <tigger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I've got a problem with the "Intersect" option, and it would be
> > nice to know what I'm doing wrong (or if it is an Artworks bug).
> > I've created a cicle using the ellipse tool, and then used "Make
> > Shapes". I've then created 8 lines that bisect the circle, to show
> > 16 "cheese slices" of the same size, and grouped the lines and the
> > circle. I've then imposed a radial fill (although this doesn't seem
> > to contribute to the problem - flat fill does the same).
> > I then create a rectangle that that is slightly wider than the
> > circle, but about 3/4 the height. This is also converted to a
> > shape.
> > I've then used "Put to back" on the rectangle, and moved the circle
> > so all of the bottom 3/4 of the circle is over the rectangle.
> > I've then selected the rectangle and the circle and used "Intersect
> > all".
> In your scenario there is no circle to select. Do you mean the group?

Yep, sorry, I meant the group.
> > At this point I get an hourglass, that stays there until I run out
> > of patience and hit alt-break to kill Artworks.
> I think this is a bug, but if it worked it would probably not give
> you  what you wanted anyway. You will find that in the vast majority
> of  cases you really want to use "Intersect with top". If you move
> the  object to which you want to clip the rest to the front first and
> then  use that option instead you should find that it works as
> expected.

Ah, I thought I was doing something wrong. Intersect with top does
indeed do what I want.

> "Intersect all", not surprisingly, intersects each object with each 
> other object, so you are only left with the area jointly covered by 
> all objects. That does not make sense if lines are involved because 
> they have no area and therefore, lines are usually ignored with 
> "Intersect all".

This is what I was expecting, I must admit.

> That does not seem to work if the lines are hidden
> in  a group though.

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