Re: [artworks] Intersect problem

  • From: rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: artworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 16:01:14 +0100

          Richard Ashbery  wrote:

> No perhaps not - the extra time required to program
> a message only a few users would need might be better spent on
> incorporating other things.

For example allowing intersect to work with bitmaps like Xara?

Clipview goes part way to doing this but maintains the components 
intact. I would like an option  to make the dynamic clip permanent.    

I half hoped that "make shapes" would do this but it makes shapes of 
the individual objects that constitute the clip view.

However, thinking about it, exporting the clipview as a jpeg then 
dropping it back in to AW again will probably do what I  want.

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