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  • Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 17:08:22 +0100

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          Clive Bonsall <C.Bonsall@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> One of the most common tasks I have to perform with vector drawing
> applications is placing lots of individual text labels on diagrams and
> maps, each typically a single word or, occasionally, two words on
> separate lines. Powerful though they are, Text areas in Artworks are not
> ideal for this purpose --- quite cumbersome in fact (create the text
> area, type in the text, resize the text area). Using the standard text
> tool is much easier; however, text entered that way cannot be edited ---
> you can't mix normal and italic, superscript, etc.

I do not think I understand. Creating a text area is almost exactly as 
quick as creating a text line. The only difference is that you have to 
drag a rectangle instead of just clicking to place the text. That is 
the only difference I can see. If you just want to place a label, the 
size of the area is irrelevant, just make sure you drag it big enough.

> So, high on my wish list would be an enhancement to the Text Tool to
> allow basic editing of the text, including linefeeds.

Sorry, absolutely no way.

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