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> I'm just coming back to Artworks, how do you draw just a part of a
> circle. Drawing a circle is easy but I really want to cut it up
> though! If this is a dumb question apologies all round. TIA

There are various ways to achieve that. First of all, please note that 
in the shape editor, you can click anywhere on a curve and you get an 
extra control point at that location. So, after converting the circle 
to a shape (Ctrl-N), you can define the start and end point of the arc 
you want by simply clicking there. Then, open the path at each of the 
endpoints, which leaves you with the arc.

Alternatively, you can cut out an arc using the Intersect facility as 
follows: Convert the circle to a shape (Ctrl-N), then select one of 
its control points in the Line tool and click on the "open shape" 
button (or press Backspace). Then, draw a triangle on top of the 
circle to define the part of the curve you want. Select both the 
circle and the triangle and choose "Lines/Shapes => Intersect with 
top", which leaves you with the part of the circle covered by the 

You can also generate pie chart shapes using this method: The easiest 
way is by first turning the grid on. Then, in the ellipse tool select 
"From centre" and draw the circle. That makes sure that the centre is 
on a grid point. Then, draw a triangle with one corner on the centre. 
Then, select the circle (no need to convert to a shape in this case) 
and the triangle and choose "Lines/Shapes => Intersect with top". That 
cuts out a pie chart shape as defined by the triangle.

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