Re: [artworks] How to remove spurious font references?

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  • Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2007 17:09:33 +0100

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>>           Simon Smith <simon_smith@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > The Artworks sample file 'Flyer' (containing the text 'HEAVEN ON EARTH')
>> > always warns me that it contains the AvantG.Demi font which /may/ be
>> > replaced with Homerton.Medium. Except that as far as I can see, that font
>> > isn't in use anywhere within the image. Is it?
>> Yes. It is the font used for the text "HEAVEN ON EARTH".
> Oh, OK. But when I tried to change the font (from the substituted Homerton
> to something else) - in an attempt to confirm that it actually was in use -
> nothing I did altered the appearance of the text. I eventually wrongly
> decided that it had been converted to an outline.

Which is true, though not permanently, which is why the font is still 
in use.

> Was I doing something wrong? If a font in an image is unavailable, it
> looks like you can't change it to one you have got. That doesn't seem
> very sensible.

No, that is not the problem here. The text is in an envelope, so you 
cannot edit it. When you select the envelope object you cannot see the 
font applied to the enclosed text.

You happened to see Homertone.Medium, but not because the font was 
substituted but because that happened to be your currently selected 
font and this is what is displayed when your selection is something 
that is not a text object (an ellipse, for instance).

You always see the original font name even when the font is not 
available and therefore substituted for display.

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