Re: [artworks] How to remove spurious font references?

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  • Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 10:41:30 +0100

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          Simon Smith <simon_smith@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The Artworks sample file 'Flyer' (containing the text 'HEAVEN ON EARTH')
> always warns me that it contains the AvantG.Demi font which /may/ be
> replaced with Homerton.Medium. Except that as far as I can see, that font
> isn't in use anywhere within the image. Is it?

Yes. It is the font used for the text "HEAVEN ON EARTH".

> In similar vein, how does one determine which fonts actually are used within
> a particular image? Is there a way to generate a list? Shift double-clicking
> the file and extracting all readable strings is rather inelegant . . .

Try "Export => ArtWorks EPS" and load the EPS file into an editor. 
Near the start of the file there is a line "%%DocumentFonts:" followed 
by the first font on the same line and any further fonts on subsequent 
lines (with a leading "%%+" marker on each line).

> And can AvantG.Demi be obtained (legally) from anywhere? I've got a copy of
> the Harry Decker font emporium on CD, er, somewhere. Is it on that?

No, AvantG is a commercial font, so it cannot be downloaded from 

> Historically, what fonts were provided with ArtWorks1?

Lots, but the bulk of them were converted PostScript fonts licensed 
from a third party and they were of mediocre quality. AvantG is 
different though: just as Pembroke (supplied with Impression) AvantG 
is a properly designed Acorn font and belongs to Computer Concepts.

> I know a copy of AvantG.Book is provided with AW2 just to prevent the
> bulk of 'Font not available' errors - apart from AvantG.Demi, were
> there any others?

The AvantG family has four members: Book, Book.Oblique, Demi, 

> I would be interested in obtaining the whole set, mostly for
> completeness, if I can do so easily.

I think it was a silly decision to just provide AvantG.Book on the CD. 
Actually, if I had known that any of the other members are used by the 
example files I would probably have provided the full family. I have 
just uploaded the complete family to the ArtWorks 2.6 support page, so 
you can download it from there. Users of ArtWorks 1 have the complete 
family anyway.

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