Re: [artworks] Hestitation while loading

  • From: "Bruce Goatly" <bruce@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <artworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 00:50:12 +0100

Martin Wuerthner wrote:

> I do not think you can draw this conclusion. It is well conceivable
> that the Windows side could be holding up ArtWorks even if it is
> always at the same module. For instance, imagine your Windows virus
> checker checking every file that is accessed. It uses signatures to
> detect known viruses. Any RISC OS file, e.g., the main module file 
> of
> the ArtWorks Group module, might just happen to contain a sequence 
> of
> bytes that triggers one of the signatures. Then, maybe the virus
> checker stops the system from accessing that file while it analyses 
> it
> in depth, which might take some time.

Oddly, I noticed this behaviour (hesitating on Group) myself on a new 
PC (Windows XP Home; VirtualRPC-SE running 4.02; ArtWorks 2.82), but 
*only* the first time I ran AW2. If  I ran it a second time, and even 
if I quit VirtualRPC and restarted it, AW started without a pause. 
Very odd; if the cause were a virus checker I would have expected it 
to run a check every time the module was loaded.

I've not checked explicitly for a pause across reboots of the PC, but 
next time I restart it I'll give it a try.


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