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  • Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 00:21:21 +0200

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>> If Windows isn't doing anything when I run VRPC I find
>> ArtWorks loads in less than 2 seconds.  If however I'm
>> playing CD's using Windows Media Player, ArtWorks takes
>> about 10 seconds to load pausing at the banner screen -
>> quitting ArtWorks and reloading it takes less than 2
>> seconds to load.

> When it first showed the symptoms, I thought it must be
> something on the Windows side that was holding ArtWorks up.
> However, when it *only* paused at Groups and at no other
> module, I inferred that it was something on the RISC OS
> side that was causing it.

I do not think you can draw this conclusion. It is well conceivable 
that the Windows side could be holding up ArtWorks even if it is 
always at the same module. For instance, imagine your Windows virus 
checker checking every file that is accessed. It uses signatures to 
detect known viruses. Any RISC OS file, e.g., the main module file of 
the ArtWorks Group module, might just happen to contain a sequence of 
bytes that triggers one of the signatures. Then, maybe the virus 
checker stops the system from accessing that file while it analyses it 
in depth, which might take some time.

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