Re: [artworks] Getting text from a PDF into ArtWorks

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  • Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 15:25:42 +0100

          Ned Abell  wrote:

>> Hi John, Ive just done it with the A4 pdf version dropping
>> it into !pdf exporting the single page as a drawfile and
>> dropping that into AW. HTH
> Sorry I posted that and then noticed they were exported as
> single characters. However why is that a problem as you can
> group/delete etc what you want?

The reason for putting the text into ArtWorks was so I could 
re-arrange it and modify it. Grouping the individual letters, apart 
from being a bit tedious is not any good because they are not text 
objects anymore and cannot be modified via either of ArtWorks' text 

I spoke to Martin at the MUG RISC OS Christmas show yesterday and he 
suggested trying a tool he wrote called pdftotext available from the 
ArtWorks site FreeWare page. I will give it a go today.

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