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  • Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 18:39:21 +0100

On 31 Mar, Martin Wuerthner  wrote in message

> In message <237958884f.steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Steve Fryatt <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I have an ArtWorks file containing a couple of closed shapes with
> > graduated fills.  Both seem to display correctly on screen, and when
> > used in other applications via AWViewer.  The file can be found at
> >
> > If I export the image as a drawfile, the bottom shape is correctly
> > graduated, while the top one is just a solid green.  Can anyone
> > suggest what I'm doing wrong?  As far as I know, the two shapes were
> > created in exactly the same way.
> There must be something slightly wrong with the top fill that makes it 
> display correctly but export incorrectly. If I clone the bottom shape 
> and rotate it by 180 degress it is exported correctly.

That's pretty much what I did to work around the problem in the end.

> Alternatively,  editing the grad fill of the top shape ever so slightly
> or editing the  shape slightly restores it to normal as well.
> I will have a closer  look when I find the time, but probably not before
> the 2.8 release.

Thanks.  As I said, there's no great rush from my POV, as the document it
was destined for has now been completed.  I was just curious to know if it
was something I was doing wrong, for future reference.

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England

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