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>>> I want to draw a perfect arc of a predefined length (degrees) and
>>> radius with a starting point.  An example would be to place this
>>> round the edge of a CD, allowing text to follow this arc.

>>> I've checked the manual but can find nothing, does ArtWorks2
>>> allow you to do this?

>> The easiest way in ArtWorks is to draw a circle and cut out the
>> desired piece by intersecting it with a triangle one corner of
>> which coincides with the centre of the circle.

> Another interesting way is to draw the circle, convert to shapes
> (CTRL-N) and then use Path Editing....... "Split line tool icon"
> available within either the Curve or Line tools. The split line tool
> allows precise cutting of any part of the circle into an arc. Just
> delete the bit you don't want.

Yes, this is the best way of doing it visually. The main step is to 
create an anchor point at the point where you want to split. After 
converting the circle to a shape, all you need to do is to select the 
Curve tool and click anywhere on the outline of the circle. That adds 
an anchor point there. If you click on the "split line" icon (or press 
Backspace) with this anchor point selected, the line is split at that 

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