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>> I've used DrawLots for doing things like this as well and very good it
>> is too but the shapes don't display as smoothly as those created in
>> AW....... can AW anti-alias Draw files?

There is no such thing as a Draw file in ArtWorks. When you import a 
Draw file it is converted as normal ArtWorks objects. Once imported 
ArtWorks no longer knows that the shapes originated in Draw.

> that may be becase the default line thickness is different
> .09 in artworks   .0 in draw

Yes, shapes with a line colour applied and a line width of 0 (meaning 
a single pixel width, not recommended for any serious work anyway) are 
not anti-aliased. You need to have a non-zero line width. The default 
in ArtWorks is 0.25pt. If you set the line width to 0 for a shape 
drawn in ArtWorks, it is not anti-aliased either.

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