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  • Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 23:21:47 +0200

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> Now that we have the option to have more than one page in ArtWorks I would
> like to suggest an option to clone an existing page. Of course you can select
> all, copy and insert at the original position. But if you have more that one
> layer, first you have to add the same number of layers on every page you
> create new and secondly the select-copy-insert operation has to be done for
> every layer again.

Yes, good point, though the first thing I will add is probably "Move 
page up"/"Move page down" as in Xara Xtreme, which would allow pages 
to be reordered and which would sort out the main task for which page 
copying would be needed (though of course it would still be useful to 
be able to duplicate a page).

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