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  • Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2006 18:13:30 +0100

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          Richard Ashbery <a-graphics@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Like most users I need to add extra colours to the colour bar. I have
> thought of a rapid method of selecting them from the HSV colour bar
> without going into the colour menu. What about a colour wheel set next
> to the quality icon. Automatic magnification of the icon would occur
> when the pointer is run over it, (rather like the MAC task bar) and a
> single click on a required colour would place it on the bar.
> Would it be possible to implement.

Of course, but would it really be that much quicker than clicking Menu 
over the colour bar to open the New colour dialogue and creating the 
new colour there? The main problem is that your colour wheel could 
only give access to a limited selection of colours and how often would 
these be adequate? So, is there really a call for a cut-down colour 
selector just for a subset of HSV colours?

> The other thing I miss is not being able to see the colour names
> assigned to objects. The more complex the graphic the more difficult
> it is to remember what colours have been assigned to objects -
> particularly where the colours have very subtle differences.

I presume you know that you can see the colour name in the info bar of 
the flat fill tool?

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