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> Martin Wuerthner  wrote on 3 Apr:

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>>>>  i would welcome Adjust-click on the
>>>> magnifying-glass tool as a quick way to return to previous zoom.
>>> if you don't mind touching the keyboard, ctrl-o does this.

>> Or better, Ctrl-Shift-I, which allows you to go back several steps
>> (and forward again using Ctrl-Shift-O), whereas Ctrl-O just toggles
>> between the previous two settings. Just like ordinary zoom changes the
>> zoom changes done via Ctrl-O are recorded and become part of the
>> overall zoom history that you traverse via Ctrl-Shift-O/I, so it is
>> best to stick to the one or the other method. I use Ctrl-Shift-I
>> exclusively nowadays.

> well!  more keyboard tricks i never knew or had forgotten.  will print
> these as hint&tips in Archive.  must break out the reminder card, if i
> can find it.  downloadable version anywhere to print out?

The shortcuts are all listed in an appendix in the ArtWorks 2 Quick 
Guide, though that is not exactly in card form (in the sense of a 
strip you can place on your keyboard).

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