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  • Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 19:49:33 +0200

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          Peter Burt <asg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi, not sure if I have found a bug in Artworks 2.75
> I was cutting some vinyl for a sign I am making,
> typed    BIG NEWS 4   pressed control N to make
> a path, BIG NEWS behaved as expected ie indivdual
> paths ready to be grouped and stretched etc, but the
> 4 was neither a path nor could be moved around the
> screen. [...]

Many thanks for this report. That was indeed a bug. Text lines with a 
space as the last but one character suffered from this problem when 
converting to shapes. I have just fixed this and you can find a patch 
for ArtWorks 2.75 at

This requires your ArtWorks 2.7 download site password - if you bought 
ArtWorks 2.7 on CD you can find the details in your printed release 
notes, else these are the details you used to download your current 
version and you received them either by e-mail after buying an upgrade 
or on a printed business card at a show.

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