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> This maybe a dumb question .... but here goes anyway ..... I receive
> a local church newsletter in pdf format which is written in 'comic
> sans'. It comes out all 'squiggly' in Artworks. Mind you it renders
> 'squiggly' in Riscript and !Pdf. Any thoughts? Is it because I don't
> have a 'comic sans' font equivalent on my machine. The nearest I have
> is Sassoon.

Obviously, without the appropriate font being installed ArtWorks has 
no chance of displaying the text correctly.

However, even if you had the font, that would not help at the moment 
because text import in the current ArtWorks 2.8 pre-release is very 
basic (see the documentation). In the full release version the PDF 
importer will try to make use of installed fonts.

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