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  • Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 17:11:19 +0100

In article <0824e7a452.martin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Martin Wuerthner
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> In message <52a4e513b3riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Richard Ashbery
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> > I realise that rendering tight curves gives rise to artefacts
> > (see the heading "Avoiding problems with troublesome centre
> > lines" in the manual) but one particular Profile, the Wave ribbon
> > is particularly annoying. There is a subtle tiny line artefact
> > that appears at the junction of the "broken" paths. You are only
> > aware of it when an outline is applied.

> > is there anyway of
> > overcoming this problem?
> > Details of the problem can be seen here.....
> >
> >

> This tiny gap at the break point is caused by the fact that
> Artistic Lines always have a start and an end. It is not related
> to the fact that you have to open the shape to apply the Artistic
> Line because you can even close the shape again after applying it,
> and that does not make any difference.

I didn't understand that at the time but your explanation helps explain
why closing the shape doesn't have any effect.

> The computations at the
> start and the end of the line are always prone to being out by a
> fraction of a pixel, leading to a tiny gap at least on one side of
> the midpoint. As you noticed, that gap is nearly invisible unless
> you apply an outline to the Artistic Line.

> There is a relatively simple way around this: Just make sure that
> the start and the end of the line overlap slightly (but beware of
> ArtWorks auto-closing the shape, which gives you identical start
> and end positions, so there is no overlap). That will lead to a
> tiny double peak at the position where the start and the end of
> the Artistic Line meet because the two thickest parts of the line
> are no longer exactly on top of each other, but that is hardly
> noticeable, even with an outline applied.

Yes that works - if procedure is done at very high magnification then
the paths can be made to overlap relatively simply without shape

Thanks for the tip Martin and for providing such an excellent variety
of profiles. I can't immediately think of anymore.

Best regards


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