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> Sorry for suggesting more new features just as a new version comes out but it
> just came into my mind - and before I forget it...
> Did you ever think about extending the AWViewer as presentation program now
> that there are multipage documents possible with ArtWorks? I mean
> presentations like in Powerpoint - only limited to the ArtWorks facilities.

Yes, that is quite likely to happen. As soon as AWViewer supports 
multi-page documents it is suitable for basic presentations already.

> The main features would be full screen support and keyboard control to go to
> the next and previous slide. In order to enhance the speed one could also
> think about prerendering the next and previous slide.

Yes, good point.

> Thinking further it might not be a big problem to introduce transitions
> between slides.

I do not think I want to go there. In my view, transitions do not 
really add much to a presentation anyway. OHP2 does them well if you 
really need them and OHP2 imports ArtWorks files.

> Or the option that only the bottom layer of one slide is shown until a
> key is pressed, than the next layer and so on so that a slide can
> build up slowly.

That is a great idea. There could even be a "Wait for keypress" option 
for each layer, so you can control whether the viewer should stop 
before showing this layer and wait for a keypress or not.

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