Re: [artworks] Anchor points and symmetry [was: Re: Ideas for new version]

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  • Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 13:01:04 +0100

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>> > A feature that would be really good is the ability to align selected
>> > nodes - in a similar way as the Alignment dialogue allows with objects.
>> Yes, this has been mentioned before and is a very worthwhile feature,
>> but it is surprisingly tricky to achieve [...]
> The ability to align a shape on an arbitrary anchor point /without/
> distorting it would also be useful. Say for some reason you wanted to align
> the top of the bar of a capital Q-shaped path with some other shape in the
> same picture.

Currently, this requires some manualy work (as you have outlined), but 
it should be very easy to add such a feature. As far as I can see it 
would not even require any additional user interface code. The 
alignment function could simply use the bounding box of the selected 
anchor points (if there are any) instead of the bounding box of the 
overall object. Maybe there could be an option button in the alignment 
box to enable this feature to avoid confusion when aligning a shape 
that still has an anchor point selected by accident.

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