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  • Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 15:01:33 +0100

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          Tim Powys-Lybbe <tim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As the Background section layers won't print, this gets them removed
> when the file is displayed in AW viewer and likewise in Ovation Pro.

Just to avoid any misunderstanding: No, technically, it has nothing to 
do with printing. The connection to printing is only at the level of 
explanation: Something that you do not want to print you do not want 
to be displayed in external programs.

> When exported to PDF, the Background layer is excluded whether 'Solid
> background' is On or Off.

Well, that is an entirely unrelated option, which is explained in the 
manual. What is also explained in the manual is the option in the same 
dialogue box that is labelled "Include background layers", but maybe 
you can work that one out without the manual. :-)) SVG export has that 
option as well.

> When exported as a Sprite, the Background layer is excluded.

Yes, as the manual says: "Only visible foreground layers are 
exported". See below why.

> Curiously the background layer is included when the file is exported to
> Draw.  I wonder if this is consistent behaviour?

There is a reason for this. See below.

> I wonder further if an option to include background layers on export to
> AW viewer, Opro

You do not "export" to AWViewer or OvationPro. They render the 
original ArtWorks file, so there is no option in ArtWorks that could 
make other programs show background layers, such an option would have 
to be in these other programs. The question is why would you want 


Already there.

> and bitmaps, etc should be on the list of improvements?

I think there is an enormous misunderstanding here. The background 
layer is for things that you DELIBERATELY want to exclude from 
production work. If you want things to show, then why do you not 
simply put them on a foreground layer???

The only reason why background layers are considered for Draw, PDF and 
SVG work is that the output is "open", i.e., still editable, so you 
may want to transfer guide lines and other non-production objects. 
Bitmap export, printing and merely rendering a file in an external 
application are production uses of the illustration, so including 
background layers does not make any sense.

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