[artworks] JPegs into Impression via Artworks -- an MW trick

  • From: Jim Nagel <jim.nagel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: artworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 13:36:35 +0100

i am now routinely using Artworks as a vehicle for importing JPeg 
photos to Impression documents. i find it useful to position the JPeg 
exactly at the bottom-left corner of the Artworks page, so that the X 
and Y coordinates are still meaningful in Impression.

until now, my procedure has been to open a blank Impression document, 
drop the JPeg in, select it (which sometimes needs several clicks, 
first to get input focus or something), Shift-F1 for the "Sprite 
object info" dialogue, and there type in 0 for X and 0 for Y, click 

at Wakefield i asked Martin Wuerthner if the process of zeroing the 
photo like this could could be made a bit simpler. off the top of his 
head -- he hadnt actually tried this trick -- he suggested that it 
might work to set up a special page of Artworks "stationery" with a 
huge grid -- with lines say 30cm apart, far bigger than the page, so 
that (0,0) would be the only grid point in sight. then all i would 
need to do is select the photo and do Ctrl-P (snap to grid).

just to say this works a treat!  thanks, Martin.  posting the tip here 
for other users.

background, which everybody probably knows:
   Computer Concepts did produce a TransJPeg module among its Graphic 
Loaders for Impression in 1994 (for £29+Vat, still online at 
www.cconcepts.co.uk/products/grload.htm). but it converts the photo to 
a sprite, vastly increasing the filesize.
   much more recently, Martin enabled Artworks to import JPeg files. 
Impression can import Artworks documents, and JPegs within them remain 
in the compressed JPeg format. the disadvantage is that some of the 
functions of Impression's "Alter graphic" dialogue are lost -- 
principally the dots-per-inch information.

i always thought that ability to adjust colour balance from this 
dialogue was also lost. but tried it again just now and it seems you 
*CAN* still fiddle with contrast etc on a JPeg imported via Artworks.

Jim Nagel
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