[artworks] Coming soon: ArtWorks 2.8 with PDF import

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Direct PDF Export as introduced in ArtWorks 2.5 finally solved the
problem of exporting designs from ArtWorks in order to have them
printed, edited on other platforms or made available in the Internet.

While this has solved the exporting issue once and for all, it is
still very difficult to go in the opposite direction, i.e., to import
vector graphics from other sources into ArtWorks. Fortunately, with
ArtWorks 2.8, this will no longer be an issue because you can now
simply drop a PDF file onto the ArtWorks icon and the file is imported
into ArtWorks complete with multiple pages, CMYK colours, spot
colours, graduated fills, transparency, clipping and CMYK images (to
name the most prominent features that would be lost by going through
existing RISC OS based PDF converters that convert to Draw format).

Since the vast majority of graphics programs on other platforms can
export PDF files this finally allows you to import graphics from
virtually every other application into ArtWorks while retaining
advanced features such as CMYK colours, transparency and clipping.

The full release of ArtWorks 2.8 is expected in May but a prerelease
version might be available as soon as at this month's Wakefield Show.
Upgrade prices and ordering details will be announced in time.

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