[ARMini-support] Super software deals for ARMini/BBSS/panda users

  • From: A Rawnsley <rcomp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 12:06:47 +0100

Hi folks!

The last week or so we've been working on a ROOL project to produce 
low price versions of our software, primarily aimed at Pi users who 
(it is thought) won't pay full price for software.  I'm still a bit 
uneasy about this, and I can't help thinking "Why should Pi users get 
good deals, and not our ARMini/BBSS/Panda supporters?"

You guys have supported us (just as I hope we support you) by buying 
machines or joining the schemes, so surely you guys are the ones that 
deserve good software deals?

So, to that end, here's a list of the products we've produced reduced 
price editions of - more info about each can be found on our website 
if required.

     Grapevine 2 (IRC, MSN instant communication)
     Network Printer drivers 2
     SiteMaster 3
     MusicCD (from MusicMan)

Each product is available for 12ukp (10ukp inc) as an email download 
version.  We can't afford to be including printed/posted materials I'm 
afraid, although I guess 5ukp extra would cover those if you're really 
keen.  Each product includes electronic documentation.  A bundle of 
all the programs can be purchased for 40ukp inc.

Please note, some products may have slightly reduced functionality 
compared to their full retail versions - for example, the 
charting/graphing part of DataPower is missing, spam filtering and ssl 
facilities are cut from NetFetch/Hermes, and spellchecking/network 
features aren't in Messenger.  However, each application provides 
masses of functionality for the price (the cuts are fairly minor, 
typically the equivalent of going back one release) and some products 
are uncut (eg. GV2, SiteMaster, TouchType, NetPrint2 and I think SS).

In every case, upgrading to the latest/unct version will cost less 
(even after purchasing this version) than buying at full price, so you 
basically can't lose.

Because this is a very special offer to our users, it isn't on the 
website.  If you'd like to order, please phone us on 01925 755043.  
Overseas can use email, if you prefer.

If you really want to use web ordering, just put what you really want 
in the "Fax" field of any of our ordering pages, and we'll ensure that 
you're charged correctly.  Don't forget to include email details for 
receiving your software!

Best wishes to you all,


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