[ARMini-support] (OT) Sunfish, keep it literate

  • From: Jim Nagel <jimmini@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 01:17:28 GMT

People have been writing the likes of:

Plus, of course, the SunFish icon is /way/ nicer than the Omni's.

Sunfish and Moonfish, thanks to their literate author Alex Waugh,
have no needless MidWord capital F.

From the helpfile:

Blackbanded Sunfish, Enneacanthus chaetodon
A 30-60mm-long fish with a very compressed, deep body, a
thin pointed pectoral fin and round tail fin.
Habitat: swamps, ponds and river pools.

An NFS client, implemented as a filing system.
Habitat: RISC OS.

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