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  • Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2015 16:52:30 GMT

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Jim Nagel <jimmini@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Our newer machines have no floppy drives, naturally, maybe CD or DVD
drives are old-hat too, but nor do they read IDE drives.

Do we have to keep a RiscPC or an Iyonix in reserve, just for the
purpose of reading a floppy or an archived harddrive?

Is it possible to connect an IDE drive to an ArmX6 somehow, just to
copy the contents of an actual *disc* to modern solid-state media?
Is there maybe such a thing as an IDE-to-Sata adapter (including
requisite power connection)?

The USB->SATA adapter present in each ARMX6 for the DVD drive is
dual-purpose, with an IDE connection down one side. I've used this myself
to (very rapidly) pull IDE data off an Iyonix hard drive.

External USB->IDE enclosures also work.

For floppies, there's !ADFFS floppy emulator.

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