Re: [ARMini-support] messages not received (B)

  • From: Jim Nagel <jimmini@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: armini-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, jimmini@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 12:41:52 GMT

David Pilling wrote on 18 Nov:

Everyone has a few no-cost email addresses gmail etc (or can easily
get them) why not set up one of those for this list (and see how it

Funny enuf, I was just in the midst of doing something like that when
your message pinged into the Armini folder -- the first thing to
arrive there (bar two specials) since November 8.

My Archivemag and Abbeypress domains are handled by two separate
hosting companies (Gradwell and Spellings respectively), so I
sometimes send test messages from one to the other. I also have a
Gmail account, but need to fire up the Windows box to use it.

Also just now, Andrew Rawnsley replied by email to say he's not the
admin for this list, but that he has past experience that Freelists
can sometimes be erratic, and that unsubscribe-resubscribe usually
cures such problems.
Well, I tried that yesterday. Maybe it has only now taken effect
because the moderator understandably needed a bit of time to do it?

Which raises the curious Q: if it ain't AndrewR, who *is* our admin
or moderator for this Armini list? Will the real Mr Mod please step
forward and take a bow!

Jim Nagel
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