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  • Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 12:23:32 GMT

Jan-Jaap van der Geer <jjvdgeer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote on 5 Nov 2015:

I thought I'd do a System Merge when I installed a ci-version of
NetSurf, just in case it had some new stuff. Nosy as I am,
afterwards I took a look in the logfile within !System, and was
somewhat surprised by what I found, after the expected updates of
various modules within !System:


So it appears there was a version of AMPlayer both in the 500 and
the 350 directory. But the one in the 500-directory got deleted
because the one in the 350-dir is newer.

This apparently is some sort of sanitycheck because the !System I
was merging did not contain any AMPlayer-related things.

Yes, I think that is indeed what happened

I checked the copy on the SD-card, and it seems this is how the
!System dir looks by default on the ARMX6, with a AMPlayer both in
the 350 and 500 directories.

The disc image should not have had Amplayer modules in both the 500
and 350 directories. The super pack 4 for ARMX6 does not have them in
the 500 directory so I guess the problem is corrected for the future.
Not sure how they got to be there in the first place (my Armini had
the same thing).

It seems to me this behaviour might have deleted a 32-bit
version of some stuff and retains an incompatible 26-bit
version. And this might now actually be the situation with
AMPlayer... But I'm not sure.

I don't think so; the system merge utility has kept the latest version
1.40 and in the correct place (350) as can be seen from the latest
download at the official distribution

Is this behaviour fine, or is something wrong here? I suspect the
latter, but I am not sure... And if it is a problem, is the problem
with the SysMerge routine or with the disc image?

The disc image.

I wonder why R-Comp's super pack doesn't instruct the user to run the
!boot merge utility (which also invokes the !system merge utility for
modules) to copy over new stuff. Instead it tells you to just copy
!boot manually over the root of your hard disc along with everything
else. This means the internal boot and system log files don't get
updated, making it harder to fault find in future. It also means
problems/conflicts like you discovered may not be found out until the
next time the user runs a merge utility for some other reason. I
upgraded an ARMX6 yesterday to SP4 using RISC OS' !boot merge utility,
and it went fine.


Ewen Pring, St. Albans, Herts
using RISC OS 5
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