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  • Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 14:42:08 +0100

In message <D29D1F8DF7944E6BA5CC2BC4AC877E8B@nasuwt>
          "Chris N.L. France. \(hp\)" <c.n.l.f@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Start by pinging yourself (your IP)
> ping: socket: Internet: module has suffered an
> unrecoverable error: Duplicate IP address
> ABC:DEF:GHI:JKL! sent from ethernet
> address:JK:HI:FG:DE::BC:A    (NB data withheld)
> I also get the same if I *ping the router. It's as
> if there is something on the network which has the
> same IP address?

That precisely what its telling you. You have too devices generating 
the same IP address so you will need to check each device one by one 
and confirm which is generating the wrong IP address and fix it.

In this case its sounds like the ARMini has the duplicate address, so 
carefully check your network configuration.

Chris Hughes
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