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  • Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 13:20:09 +0100

Start by pinging yourself (your IP)
ping: socket: Internet: module has suffered an unrecoverable error: Duplicate IP address ABC:DEF:GHI:JKL! sent from ethernet address:JK:HI:FG:DE::BC:A (NB data withheld) I also get the same if I *ping the router. It's as if there is something on the network which has the same IP address?

I've disconnected the network cable from the rear of the ARMini and get the same message.

, then your router, then try

If DNS settings are wrong in Networking (eg. router isn't set as primary DNS) you could have a problem. Also, I had an instance recently where a customer's router didn't properly forward DNS requests, so we found that manually specifying the ISP's DNS in the
Secondary DNS box fixed the problem.

Also, check output from *EJinfo

********* NB Network cable disconnected!!!!

EtherUSB driver for USB network adapters, version 0.12 (19 May 2011)
DCI version: 4.04, prefix: ej

Unit 0 (USB bus 1, address 3, Devices:$.USB9)p
Backend:                    SMSC95xx
Ethernet address ZZ:GG:HH:FF:KK (NB data withheld)
Link type                     unknown
Link status                  down

Frame types claimed
IEEE 802.3 handler = (FC3249D4,FB407554) Ethernet 8035 (normal) handler = (FC2E266C,FB407464) Ethernet 0086 (normal) handler = (FC2E266C,FB407464) Ethernet 0*00 (multicast) handler = (FC2E266C,FB407464)

Statistics summary:
TX Frames 21 RX frames 1154 TX Bytes 1327 RX bytes 402956 TX Errors 0 RX Errors 0 TX queue length 0 RX unwanted 0
TX queue overflows        0

********* Network cable re-connected:
Same until ......

Linkstatus up, auto, 100Mb, full duplex, polarity correct Controller mode unicast, broadcast, multicast

Frame types are the same,

Statistics summary:
21           1251
1327       434420
0              0
0              0

Does this shed any light?


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