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  • From: A Rawnsley <rcomp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 06 Nov 2015 15:07:53 GMT

I can get a * prompt by repeatedly pressing esc while booting.

Q1: what do I need to enter here to get a picture back?
*Wimpmode 21 would probably do.

Thanks for the reply. I tried this and restarted but same as before.

Should I be able to go from the *prompt to a picture without turning off?

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble, John.

If you can get to a *prompt, you *should* be able to get to a desktop with

Assuming this gives a picture (if it doesn't, hit F12 and blind-type
*wimpmode 32 then return twice), you'll need to go in and remove the
following folder:


This should allow a clean, low-res boot from where you can reset things
using !Boot/Configure

Unfortunately Samsung was a really bad choice for ARMini. Their monitors
are almost universally fussy about what they work with, and whilst usually
having an excellent picture, they rarely have the flexibility to work with
ARMini or other boards (even Pandaboard/ARMiniX had visible distortions on
Samsung) at full resolution. ARMX6 is really needed to drive Samsung
screens properly.

I suspect the best you'll get will be 1600x900 (if you're lucky) although
you may be able to squeeze 1680x1050 (not right ratio). Experiment with
the various modes we offer in the MDF - they are there for exactly this

It really would have paid you to buy your screen from us, as we could have
advised and supplied a properly-compatible display. Note that I say
"display" not "monitor". The most compatible displays tend to be
TV-monitors rather than dedicated-monitors due to their input flexibility
(AV equipment [blu-ray] fits quite closely to the profile of ARMini).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings on this. I'd urge our users to
consider buying direct when it comes to hardware/peripherals. The price
premium is usually pretty small (we even offer a "box shift" service to
ensure max competitivity if you know what you want), and we can advise on
"gotchas" like this.

Kind wishes,


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