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  • Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 19:51:50 +0100

In article <4E1EF084.5010108@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Ross McGuinness <citroen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Does anyone know if there is any chance of this being brought up to
> date so that it can be used on the ARMini please?

I have now got both !Jcut and !JClean running on the ARMini with
alignment exceptions on.

Part of the problem was that the original port of jpegtran and other
utilities such as djpeg had been 'customised' a little and the
calling convention was not quite standard. I have now modified the
basic !runimage files for the apps so they work with a direct port of

I have had a play for a wee while and both apps seem to do what they
are supposed to do.

One factor I am still not happy about is the size of the newly
compiled jpegtran (and others) - it is 250 - 300 KB (depending
whether v. 6 or v. 8 is used, both work) rather than the 50 KB I
would have expected. This is due to the new philosophy of the GCC4
compiler, which is set up to produce ELF files rather than the AIF
Acorn format. The idea then is that you use an ELF loader and a
SharedUnixLib (akin to the RISC OS shared CLib but larger). The later
FireFox ports were compiled in this way. There is a utility to
convert the ELF object file to AIF (which becomes stand alone) but it
seems to link in the whole of the SharedUnixLib although only a small
subset of the functions are actually required - hence the size. I
will work on it to see if I can find the magic incantation to get the
size down.

In the meantime - if anyone would like to give these versions a try
contact me directly and I will send a zip file. If there is a large
demand then I will put them up on my web site, but I suspect that at
the moment there are not many users needing them.

My addy is chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        Chris Johnson
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