Re: [ARMini-support] Beagleboard Scheme download and other issues

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  • Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 17:13:14 +0000 (GMT)

On 30 Oct, Doug Webb <doug.j.webb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi

> As a new Beagleboard scheme member I have downloaded the 
> Beagleboarders zip files from the ARMini website but I have some 
> issues with the unpacking the zip file.

> I'm using SparkFS 1.42.

> The zip file Caution just gives a filer error stating error reading 
> data.

Yes, this file does appear to be corrupt for some reason :-(

> Also when copying the Ulgfx zip contents out I get a bad archive 
> message for the following file:

> Ulgfx/zip.!Boot.Resources.!+Resources.WimpPool

> Just skipping over this file allows an extraction but without that 
> file.

If you "Retry" it extracts is ok the second time round here. Not sure
what's going on there.

> Finally the !Newicons application does not seem to change the SCSI 
> icons to to the new ones even though i have ROM protection unticked.

> I have tried the application out on the Iyonix and it does change the 
> default icons to the new ones.

I think there's a mistake in making the skeleton !Boot here as !NewIcons
should be in !Boot.Choices.Boot.Tasks whereas the zipfile has it in
!Boot.Choices.Tasks. Move it to the right place and it should do the

> I do not have a USBstick attached as I am booting from from a harddisc 
> which uses a USB to Sata interface and shows up on my Beagleboard as 
> HardDisc4 using SCSI Disc 4.

> Finally the HID application, v0.40, does run but it requires alignment 
> exceptions set to off.

> I happy to help where I can for any troubleshooting and thanks to 
> Andrew and the RComp team for providing the ability to access ARMini 
> developments which have allowed me to finally get my 1680 x 1050 
> monitor running at native resolution with my Beagleboard

Apologies for the slight hiccups, we'll get fixed archives uploaded as
soon as we're back in the office and get chance to fix it!


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