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  • Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 21:20:27 +0000

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<snip on my problem with using 7backup to a NAS server>

Can anyone give me some guidance, please?

This is my Obey file, run by Organizer: -

*Unlaunch NetFetch
*UnLaunch "Messenger Pro"
*UnLaunch "Messenger Pro"
*Unlaunch NetSurf
*7backup:7backup SCSI::4.$ Sunfish::bkp.$.ARMX6 -a -d -f 2 -s -w
*Launch Messenger Messenger:
*Launch Netsurf NetSurf:
*Launch Netfetch Netfetch:

It uses some utilities to stop Netfetch, Messenger and Netsurf before
the backup and relaunch them afterwards for a clean backup.


Many thanks to everyone for their help. And the above is beyond the call of
duty as this had to be the next step once I had solved the problem of manually
using 7backup.

In fact I had missed the fact that there was no need to put anything in the
data-entry fields in the 7backup window. All I had to do was drag the
destination folder to the Dest slot and the program deduced the correct syntax.

And I'm seriously impressed with 7backup as it seems to have overcome all the
gotchas that almost defeated me when trying to backup my Iyonix (RIP some years

Tim Powys-Lybbe
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