Re: [ARMini-support] Backup my ARMX6 to a NAS (Synology)

  • From: A Rawnsley <rcomp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <armini-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 17:22:50 GMT

I have now done two backups from ARMX6 to the NAS, one using Sunfish and
the other using the latest Omni. Both seemed to be of a similar speed,
copying 21 GBytes in 2-3 hours - I regret I forgot to note the start and
finish times. To me this sounds a bit like 18 Mbit/sec which is a bit
slow on nominal Gigabit kit at each end with Cat 5e or 6 in between.

Timings can be a bit weird with RISC OS due to the fact it won't
read/write simultaneously. It reads to a buffer, then writes etc. It
certainly isn't the most efficient way to do data transfer. Also, small
files will wreck your throughput on any platform. I routinely see Windows
copy performance drop to kb/sec when copying small RISC OS-y files.

More to the point, Sunfish came to a halt on an open file. Omni came to a
halt on (a) any file or directory containing a '>' in its name and (b) on
many zip files where it recorded the file was missing. I suspect the
latter is fairly easy to sort out and may even be due to a Mimemap
problem, but I've yet to work out how.

Can't really explain the zip file issue at all. The filename thing is
likely due to acceptable characters in Windows filenames (ie. you'll have
trouble reading things back if you use those characters). > is
unfortunately an invalid character for filenames. Also watch out for ?
and in some cases commas.

Some programs (eg. SafeStore) will accommodate this and make adjustments
[if enabled]. Indeed, we put quite a lot of effort in SS to accommodate
the quirks of Linux/Windows NAS etc devices.

I'll test the zip issue - was SparkFS running at the same time out of

Kind wishes,


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