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  • Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 15:54:32 +0000

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Also, until quite recently (this summer), Omni/LanManFS was quite
lacking. Indeed, I routinely sold customers LanMan98 due to
deficiencies in Omni/LanManFS. However, the improvements made this
year have transformed its usefulness, and I'm now something of a

Of course, each person's mileage will vary, and I guess that's the
tapestry of life.

I started to use SunFish on my Iyonix several years ago because it was
much faster than SMB. Whether that is still the case I don't know, but
having got a system that works I see no particular reason to change.

Plus, of course, the SunFish icon is /way/ nicer than the Omni's.

I have now done two backups from ARMX6 to the NAS, one using Sunfish and the
other using the latest Omni. Both seemed to be of a similar speed, copying 21
GBytes in 2-3 hours - I regret I forgot to note the start and finish times. To
me this sounds a bit like 18 Mbit/sec which is a bit slow on nominal Gigabit
kit at each end with Cat 5e or 6 in between.

More to the point, Sunfish came to a halt on an open file. Omni came to a halt
on (a) any file or directory containing a '>' in its name and (b) on many zip
files where it recorded the file was missing. I suspect the latter is fairly
easy to sort out and may even be due to a Mimemap problem, but I've yet to work
out how.

My conclusion so far is that Sunfish is preferable. But I take the point that
it is no longer supported.

Tim Powys-Lybbe
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