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Thanks for both your posts on this area.

And your proposal is becoming very persuasive, so I'll go for it

I wonder if, in view of your thoughts on Sunfish, you might exclude
it from the distribution that came with ARMX6; it was the first
thing I saw so that is what I tried first.

Well, I think that would be doing NFS a disservice - as Steve says,
it has a role to play. My objective in the disc image was to give
clients for as many protocols as sensibly/usefully possible.
There's FTP, LanMan, NFS etc. Horses for courses.

Again, as Steve says, lots of folks do use SunFish, so that's cool.
I'd rather there be things for people to use than not, and NFS is
still widely used in the Linux world. Conversely, in this case, I'd
personally use Omni/LanMan over NFS, but as I said earlier, this is
probably due to bad experience with NFS years ago.

Also, until quite recently (this summer), Omni/LanManFS was quite
lacking. Indeed, I routinely sold customers LanMan98 due to
deficiencies in Omni/LanManFS. However, the improvements made this
year have transformed its usefulness, and I'm now something of a

Of course, each person's mileage will vary, and I guess that's the
tapestry of life.

I started to use SunFish on my Iyonix several years ago because it was
much faster than SMB. Whether that is still the case I don't know, but
having got a system that works I see no particular reason to change.

Plus, of course, the SunFish icon is /way/ nicer than the Omni's.

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