Re: [ARMini-support] Backup my ARMX6 to a NAS (Synology)

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  • Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 21:46:20 +0000

On 24 Nov, A Rawnsley wrote in message

Glad you're sorted, but in all honesty I'd still recommend you go with
LanManFS (!Omni in your Networking folder/Apps) because it is part of the
OS ROM. This means it will be developed/maintained as part of the ongoing
OS development. SunFish, conversely, is pretty stagnant at this point. It
is useful as an NFS client, but NFS is a fairly legacy protocol, and most
of your other computers (probably including your Mac) will be talking to
the NAS via LanMan protocol (aka SMB).

I can't help but feel that there's more than a little FUD in that statement.

Also, has anyone told the Linux world that NFS is "legacy"?

It is likely the default protocol of your NAS, and built in to RISC OS as
well as Windows/Mac/Linux.

It's also often a pig to get working correctly, while NFS will usually just
work "out of the box" in my experience. You do need to be a little careful
over user IDs in NFS, but otherwise there's very little setting up that
needs doing.

For the past few years, Sunfish has been my main RISC OS filing system for
data that needs backing up, as I don't store very much data on local hard
discs any more. There are a few ZeroPain wobbles in the handling of share
detection, but otherwise it seems to be pretty solid.

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