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  • Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 20:04:25 GMT

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On 30 Nov, Robert Hunter wrote:
1. Is there software available that will back up more quickly than

2. When backing up, the option "/Faster/" appears in the "Copying
files" window.

If you're using the standard Filer to copy everything to the loft, then it
WILL take a VERY long time. Something like '7backup' is MUCH, MUCH faster
because it only needs to update changes which have occurred since last

Or indeed SafeStore which builds on that concept by actually managing the
network transfer and adjusting itself to avoid problems on a variety of
network transports. For example, I can back up via SafeStore files that
won't copy via ShareFS due to timeouts and problems. As mentioned
previously, it'll also handle filename discrepencies which will fox the
filer and other solutions which is quite useful (I'd say essential) with
NAS/PC devices.

If people wish to discuss other backup solutions, I'd prefer that went to
a different list (for example, Archive Online, or the newsgroups) as it
doesn't really fit with the ARMX6 list. For reference, SafeStore is
included in our machine Bundle CD which is an optional massively
discounted item available to all ARMini/ARMiniX/ARMX6 customers.

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