[ARMini-support] ARMX6 - better/easier with high end monitors than a PC?

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  • Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2015 21:52:00 GMT

As many of you will know, we demonstrated 2560x1440 and 3440x1440 monitors
at the London show this year. This was a pretty painless process. The
monitors that we've bought for testing/demo with ARMX6 generally just turn
on and work. All I do is use the appropriate screen resolution etc.

Now, I did spend a little time creating the MDF, but a number of modes
were made without access to hardware, and just worked "out of the box", so
things like the stunning 34" super-wide really did "just work".

(fast forward a week...)

I've just spent something over an hour hour getting the 34" satisfactorily
set up with my work Windows7/RISC OS machine. This is a well-spec'd
machine - i5 CPU, 8Gb RAM, and a mid-range Nvidia graphics card (roughly
150ukp card). And Linux *still* isn't running it with a sensible refresh

Ironically, even on this machine, RISC OS was easier to get working than
Windows (but that needed to be cracked first).

Basically, it was a mess of custom screen modes, different mode timing
formulae and all sorts. For a while it would only display 16bpp in
Windows, despite the graphics card having 1.5Gb (if memory serves).

So, perhaps this was limited to the 34" screen?

Nope. When testing the 2560x1440 screen on a Haswell-refresh i5 CPU
(decent integrated graphics - pretty recent), the Intel drivers didn't
want to give more than 1920x1080. A bit of coaxing with custom
resolutions/timing formulae allow 1920x1200. But above that? Not a dicky

Now, a lot of this could have been simplified by displayport connections,
but these still aren't super-common. HDMI and DVI remain the most
familiar, commonplace connections.

Please forgive me if this post sounds a bit silly, but the experience with
ARMX6 vs the experience I've had with PC/Windows is so stark, that I
wanted to share with folks a "happy" high-end RISC OS story :)

Kind wishes,


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