[argyllcms] Re: spyd2: Get Reading failed with ICOM err 0x100

  • From: "Torsten Kunkel" <WarEagle@xxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 16:54:16 +0200


> >> Seems like some problem with USB. Is the Spyder plugged directly into
> >> the computer (ie. not via a hub) ? Have you tried various USB ports
> >> on your computer ? (The Spyder is known to have problems with USB).
> > 
> > Yes I tried different settings:
> > * direct to my onboard-usb-bus
> > * direct to my pci-usb-adaptor-card
> > * through an activ usb-hub
> > Are there any specific settings I have to set? I guess not, because I
> found no hint on this.
> Sorry, I'm not sure what to suggest. The trace you posted showed low level
> read failures (icoms code 0x100). Given that the spyder can work OK, this
> would
> tend to point the finger at your hardware, leads etc., or the Spyder
> itself.
> It is known to be more flaky than most other instruments in regard to the
> reliability of its USB communications (at least that's my impression from
> my own
> experience and the feedback I get from people trying to use it), and
> perhaps you have an especially bad example in this regard ?

there is nothing you would have to apoligize for :)
I know the spyder is a littlebit sensible to usb-configurations.
If I find the time, I'll test it on my computer running linux, just to check if 
it's the pc or maybe Windows.
Btw. I tried it on my Laptop running Ubuntu and it worked fine, so it looks 
it's either windows or linux causing the problem.

Thanks for the hint to low level read failures, it shows where the problems are 
coming from, this errorcode didn't help me much.


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