[argyllcms] Re: relativ volume of gamut -- vrml comparison?

  • From: Peter Karp <qmailing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Klaus Karcher <argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 14:43:19 +0100

Hi Klaus,

> I just aded 3 lines to tifgamut:

> 557 if (verb) {
> 558   printf("Total volume of gamut is %f cubic colorspace
>         units\n",gam->volume(gam));
> 559 }

This patch is in your local source or will become part of the next
release? Even with Graeme's new -i option for the gamut calculation
this still would be a nice addition to the verbose output of tiffgamut

> and "tiffgamut_vol -v -ir ... timage_t_200_sRGB_inters_iC2_r.tif" 
> returned: "Total volume of gamut is 398107.430337 cubic colorspace units"

> there's indeed a considerable difference (>5%) to qhull's result:

>> qhull s FA <timage_t_200_sRGB_inters_iC2_r.points 
>> [...]  Total volume:       421367.74

In this case to determine the intersections the difference between
qhull and Argylls output should make no relevant difference in the
_relative_ comparison of the gamuts, does it? In the lack of the
patched tiffgamut version I could not test this, but would not expect
to see big differences.

Kind regards

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