[argyllcms] printcal question

  • From: Vladimir Gajic <vgajic67@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 09:40:32 +0200

Hello @all

I have a general question about printcal. Trying to establish a calibrated
workflow on my Epson 7900. The aim is to produce a device profile witch is
needed for photograpic output as well as for proofing issues. All happens on
a PowerMac (Mac OSX 10.4) using Photoshop CS4. The workflow looks something
like that:

1. Outputing a calibration target on the uncalibrated, colour-unmanaged
2. Measuring the target and generating a initial printer calibration
(printcal -i -using only the basic options)
3. Generating an rgb (or cmy) profiling target using printtarg -K option
4. Measuring & profiling
5. Refining the output profile to FOGRA39L

This works fine. getting excellent results so far. My qestion now: What
happens when I re-calibrate my printer after some time? Does anyone have
experiences, especially when using the refining-option? Is it enough just to
generate a new profile or the steps 1-5 have to be repeated each time?
I also tried to "tag" a new calibration onto a existing output profile using
applycal. The results were not acceptable. Or I understood something wrong?



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