[argyllcms] monitor calibration - strange behavior

  • From: Alberto Ferrante <alberto.ferrante@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 17:14:58 +0100

Dear all,
I recently purchased a new monitor (Eizo CX240) and I have been working
on calibrating and profiling it by using ArgyllCMS and an Xrite i1
colorimeter. I used the following commands (that are in a script):

dispcal -t6500 -gs -b100 -ql -v -e1 -yl -o eizoCX240-pre.icm
dispcal -t6500 -gs -b100 -qh -v -e1 -yl eizoCX240
targen -v -c eizoCX240-pre.icm -d3 -G -e8 -f2048 eizoCX240
dispread -v -y l -Ibw -k eizoCX240.cal eizoCX240
colprof -v -q h -d mt -aX eizoCX240

What happens is that, after the verification step of dispcal the
luminosity is about 100. Though, at the end of the process, dispcal -r
measures a luminosity of 97 with the same profile. Attached the output
of the dispcal, targen, dispread, and colprof sequence plus the output
of dispcal -R and dispcal -r
Is such a behavior normal?
Furthermore, is the -d3 option of targen correct as the monitor is a
wide-gamut one?

Best regards,

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